Resident in Brazil, I’m photographer and designer of the CAA (click arte ação) Photographic Agency. With especially in portraits, editorials, still, street and cosplay photography, I have dedicated all time in photographic projects, and development of Brand CAA in many products. Including the drawing of Lela, mascote of the brand CAA.
I’m also Photographer, Director and Editor-in-Chief at CAA Photoshoot Magazine, photographic magazine dedicated to Cosplay, SciFi and Fantasy photography. The magazine publish exclusive works of the CAA with brazilians cosplayers, SciFi e Geeks fans.
But whatever the image types, photography art is my passion. It’s what I do with the purest pleasure.
Brands and businesses that use or have used my work.
In 2011, I’m started the works with the my book “Cosplay Portrait – Photographic Book“. Dedicated to Brazilians cosplayers.